After playing the first 2 games, the third installment of the Suikoden series felt necessary to review because being a fan of the series, it deserves being brought up. While the love in my heart goes far beyond normal gaming love from a consumer for the first 2 titles, is there room in my heart for the 3rd installment? Well…you’ll find out from reading this review, as short as it might be, its worth reviewing to note why I’m about to say that this title is the worst in the series.


The story takes place about 16 years after the events of the 2nd game. Instead of taking the perspective of the hero, it gives you the perspective of 3 (the son of a high chieftain, a knight and a mercenary). Each has its own perspective on the story you’re thrown into, but the hero of which you name at the beginning is nowhere to be seen, he’s just talked about. Spoiler Alert!!! Eventually you get to choose which of the 3 you want to be the reincarnation of the hero, but its still fairly lackluster. Even though its the first title on the PS2, the creative storytelling that made me fall in love with the previous titles feels like its somewhat missing. Such a shame.

Graphics/Game Mechanics

This is the first title in the series that adopted the 3d aspect. While its far from perfect, it doesn’t look too bad. It does however prove somewhat difficult when you’re actually moving around, especially when the camera angle shifts and messes with your character control…ARG!!! From my memories originally playing this game (meaning when I had more time to put into this game), was spent grinding on monsters due to the strength of the enemy AI. While some enemies were extremely weak, most of the essential fights are damn near impossible. Going back to play this game didn’t change my perspective as I went in forgetting that quality and getting stuck in an area of which I couldn’t leave the town to grind for money/upgrading/leveling and couldn’t get passed a specific point…DOUBLE ARG!!!!!

Features and Length

This game again has the same features as the previous titles have had. You get to go around hunting for the 108 stars of destiny (or 108 characters as I like to put it), you eventually get a castle that makes the situation feel even more epic. You still have the strategic battle systems for the important fights, but due to not being able to get passed a certain point recently, there’s no way of comparing it to the other 2 games…TRIPLE ARG!!!!!. There’s also dice, card and horse racing mini-games that can keep your time occupied. If you feel like grinding and doing as much as you can to make it through this game, it’ll take you the span of at least 60 hours to get enough to do so.

Fun Factor

Sorry, but this game was far from enjoyable. Even the memories I had playing this game didn’t spark the same feel and magic the previous titles and even the titles after this game had. Even though critics call this game a classic and say its the best game in the series, I disagree. It was immensely frustrating, too time consuming and frankly the worst in the series when you match them side-by-side the five games in the PS1/PS2 line-up of the series. That’s right, I said it. The worst.

Overall Verdict- Avoid

This game doesn’t do anything to help the series, and even though I’m a fan, this game doesn’t do its justice at all. So if you’ve played the first and second one off of reading my reviews or from hearing of them, do yourself a favor: Avoid this one and skip to the 4th (I’ll review it next week). Because this game made me wanna rip my hair out and go all AVGN style on it, and that just ain’t my thing…ULTIMATE ARG!!!!!!!!!!!!